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Potato-Celery Root Latkes

150g    Celery root
300g    Squeezed potatoes (roughly 4 potatoes)
25g      Matzo meal powdered
25g      Whole eggs
45g      Schmaltz onions
.75g% salt
Pepper to taste

Set plancha to 400F


1 Do potatoes last. They will turn brown and oxidize.

2 Sweat julienne onions in Schmaltz; cool.

3 Grate peeled celery root through cheese grinder in robot coupe.

4 Buzz matzo crackers or meal in blender till powdered.

5 Mix eggs with whisk.

6 Peel potatoes and grate same as celery root.

7 Squeeze water out of potatoes.

8 Weigh potatoes after water weight is lost.

9 Weigh to find salt percentage.

10 Mix all ingredients together  by hand.

11 Portion to 70g balls.

12 Flatten and crisp latkes on plancha with schmaltz.

13 Lay out on a rack to dry and cool.

14 Do a tester to check for taste/cook and shape.